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Let the Week Begin 10-2

Our whole team was busy to the point of too busy over the weekend. AnderSat provided wireless internet service to the Midwest Cross Country Racing Event in Martinsburg. Along with the wifi, we served up the finest pulled pork sandwich north of Memphis thanks to Josh and the crew. Eric’s effort toward wireless internet is beginning to pay off. The service was excellent and well received by those who signed up.  We just need to get more to sign on. That is always a challenge. BBQ was definitely a hit especially when you consider that we were the new kids on the block with not the best of locations. All in all, benefits were gained on several fronts for our team. The efforts are commendable and hopefully rewarding. Thank you to the TEAM!

Three full days of racing and a healthy amount of Dust later, we are kind of slow motivating this Monday morning.  That will not last for  long because Skyfi expansion is underway. Crews are on site doing preparation work to add a tower to our network. We are ready and will be installing customers on that site before the week is over! Long time coming but we are there!

Have a great day at where ever you lead it!

Skyfi is Growing

October 2, 3rd and 4th are big days in the life of Skyfi. Equipment is going up on our newest and tallest tower yet. To make this happen, we must be off line for a period of time. If all goes as planned, that will be during the day of October 4 and may last for most of the day. If work goes smoothly, the down time could be on the 3rd. I will keep you posted!

The important thing to keep in mind is that this addition to Skyfi is a major improvement to our service and will make our coverage area substantially larger and more stable. We are good now so look for us to be GREAT in the days to come!

For more information or to sign up, please call us at 812-735-2116.

Have a great Skyfi Day!

Post Close-Out

Post CloseOut – What are we going to look like?


Efforts continue in the process to close out all existing merchandise in the SportsCenter.  As that effort succeeds,  you ask, what are we going to look like?  Without being able to give you an artist rendition of the store, I can give a summary of products and services that will be available from Anderson’s and how we intend to do business.


325 W 11th Street in Bicknell will be home to AnderSat, Skyfi, and Phine Designs. Our phone number, 812-735-2116, will continue to be used for all. You may want to ‘Listen to our message because the menu items have recently changed” 😉  Rest assured, we will keep it simple.  The building may take a little time to fully reflect the changes but over time, we will have dedicated space for each business. Although separate, the three companies are integrally related. Here is an over-the-top look at each.


AnderSat has been and will continue to provide the finest in video and satellite internet services. ‘You decide and we provide’ is a great way to understand our approach. We will listen to our customer so that we understand how they consume video content and how they tend to use the  internet.  So armed, we can examine and explain various solutions that will server their needs and give the best value. Always with a LOCAL touch!


Skyfi is our wireless 4G internet service. Unlimited high speed internet that is connecting people in previously unreachable territory with affordable quality service. No data caps, no contracts, no credit qualifications, just good internet. Always with a LOCAL touch!


Phine Designs by Josh is probably the most confusing to lay out and explain. Generally speaking, we will be doing production work on-site for advance orders. Those orders can be placed in a variety of ways such as email or on our website or simply by giving us a phone call. Josh’s talent with materials, his attention to design detail, and his skill with software will remain our strong suit. Groups, teams, organizations, municipalities, or companies can continue to rely on us for custom shirts and uniforms.  Quality, casual professionalism, and always with a LOCAL touch.

      *Embroidery will remain in our lineup. We will design and digitize your art then sew it on the garment of your choice. Many years of experience are behind every garment produced in our sewing department ( they would not let me say just how many;).

     *Phine Designs will also be the place to get Letter Jackets. All schools with all the decorations customized to your personal taste. Jackets will be available to order on site but please call for a sizing appointment.  We will be very flexible to fit into our customers’ schedule.

We are changing to better fit YOUR needs. 

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