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NK Regionals

We are wishing the North Knox Lady Warriors all the luck in the world on Saturday. Regional Champion has such a nice ring to it.  The area has had it’s share of sadness and tragedy. How about some joy and celebration.

Off Center

During the recent Holiday Rush season, we missed on an image placement and ended up with a whole lot of ‘seconds’.  No problems with the garments, just not exactly what was ordered. Not to worry, the customer received what they wanted and were quite pleased with the result. Our miscue makes for a Great Bargain. Quantities are limited so order now, pay here, and pick them up in our store.!/Off-Center-Warrior-Tee-Shirt/p/98873343/category=22999088

Let the Week Begin 10-2

Our whole team was busy to the point of too busy over the weekend. AnderSat provided wireless internet service to the Midwest Cross Country Racing Event in Martinsburg. Along with the wifi, we served up the finest pulled pork sandwich north of Memphis thanks to Josh and the crew. Eric’s effort toward wireless internet is beginning to pay off. The service was excellent and well received by those who signed up.  We just need to get more to sign on. That is always a challenge. BBQ was definitely a hit especially when you consider that we were the new kids on the block with not the best of locations. All in all, benefits were gained on several fronts for our team. The efforts are commendable and hopefully rewarding. Thank you to the TEAM!

Three full days of racing and a healthy amount of Dust later, we are kind of slow motivating this Monday morning.  That will not last for  long because Skyfi expansion is underway. Crews are on site doing preparation work to add a tower to our network. We are ready and will be installing customers on that site before the week is over! Long time coming but we are there!

Have a great day at where ever you lead it!

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